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Emergency Methods

Preparation of maintenance procedures, establish operating records and repair the file, run statistics accumulated working time, strengthen routine maintenance, equipment and technology to master the state trends, early detection of the fault damaged signs, avoiding thermal properties of belonging accident repair repair, and according hotplate load and working conditions, advance preparation targeted repair materials, preparation of repair processes. Alloying elements such as length of life and the many factors working temperature, the furnace media, components and other related quality and operating conditions, volatility Life 6000 ~ 10000h.

In spring and autumn the general industrial furnace leakage failure are more long-term idle leakage failure prone. I plant to take up once a month manometry rate (at room temperature, turn off all vacuum valves, vacuum system stops functioning, after reading a few 1Omin, 1h after reading a number, two numbers is the numerical difference between the rate of pressure rise), master device leakage trends, such as continuous vacuum equipment downtime a week to empty running again. In industrial furnace system leak detection, in addition to blocking with mud paste, but can also be used for medical syringe suction drain point shot sword suspected ether, observe the vacuum gauge readings without changes. Can also be produced silicon vacuum left plugged in blind holes, segmented plugging the vacuum line, check for leaks. Diffusion pumps are available chemical pickling method soot cleaning.

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