WZ-810  Continuous Mesh-belt Conveyor & Gas controlled Heat- treatment Furnace(Gas burning heating type)





Mainly used for carburizing or tempering to screw, nut, bicycle parts, hang tools,hardware parts, etc.


(1) adopt  America gas combustion system and install brand heat exchanger will rise 20% burning efficiency.

(2) Radiant tube adopts heat-resistant steel and centrifugal  casting  tube, small percentage  of deformation and  last longer.

(3) Temperature is controlled by pulse type which can make precise of temperature to needed.

(4) Heated by gas and electricity to reduce manufacturing cost. It is the best choice for areas having difficulty  in applying for lots of electricity.

(5) Temperature-rising takes less time than that uses electricity, suitable for mass production and it is not  affected by output power.

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